I liked this bit by Bill Carmody.  It is truly worth looking through.


Bill Carmody asked 72 CEOs for their advice in 140 characters and, upon further analysis, discovered 10 categories of behaviors that were consistent against all the answers he got back.




Marketing Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Money

You may think that marketing mistakes are generally isolated and specific to one type of marketing or another. It’s a good idea to study up on the various mistakes businesses have made over the years. These mistakes are often based on erroneous thinking and they really do span across the spectrum of methods. Every type of business is prone to falling into certain traps that can cause them to fall apart if they’re not careful. If you notice a mistake early on, it’s usually possible to make adjustments and save yourself a good deal of trouble. The following are three typical mistakes that many businesses make.

There is so much you can do online and in business, and many people try to do all of them. You know what happens and that is your efforts become severely diluted. This is one of the disadvantages of social media, which you should be aware of.

Every social media site has its own particular market. Find out where you need to be and then put all your energies into that one site. As the time goes on, you might see git to utilize multiple sites. However, if you stick with just one site right now, you will have better success. There are some webmasters that will actually discuss things on their website that visitors and prospective customers really don’t want to read. What you want on your sales copy is information about how your product and services will benefit your customers. People don’t want to read about the features. Features do not motivate people to buy anything! Basically, it’s about your customer, and how it will benefit them directly. But remember that people are different, and one benefit may mean the world to one and not others. Whatever you’re selling, your customers should only see the best features and benefits of a product. Nothing more.

Human nature will always be a part of our lives, even when it comes to marketing. It is nothing for people from all over the place to have the urge to give up. So the main error is that the typical company will not stay with a campaign if they test and find something wrong.

This is not a good move when it comes to advertising. If your advertising is not performing, then troubleshoot it rather than shrugging your shoulders and pronouncing it as no good. Keep on testing until you know what the problem is. Do this enough times and you’ll improve, and that is when you’ll succeed more often than not. Once you begin tasting the fruits of success, try to keep your wits about you and keep a level head. Make sure you show your customers the same amount of consideration regardless of how successful you become. No matter what stage your business is at right now, keep a close watch on what is and isn’t working for you. No one is perfect, but we can learn from our mistakes and even from the mistakes of others. Most often, mistakes occur when we fail to look at some crucial aspect of your business.

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